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Photo of Barbara HeroThe lecture circuit began for me in the middle 1970's. These were presented as "visiting artist" lectures on the Lambdoma's influence on my painting and my musical harmonics given to the art education departments of some Universities. Of all the lectures that I have given, only a few were recorded. However, twelve lectures given to the United States Psychotronics Association were audio and video-taped. Most of my lectures or seminars consisted of demonstrations of the various applications of the Lambdoma Matrix. Since one lecture led to invitations to others, this activity blossomed. Each talk, all related to the applications of Lambdoma harmonics, was designed for a particular audience, whether the focus was on psychology, architecture, art, the shapes of sound, planetary grid systems, consciousness, innovative musical keyboards, tetra-harps, etc.

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Healing with Sound and Color

Illustration of CassetteSides 1 & 2: Talk, given by Dr. Richard Mento, DC., "HEALING WITH SOUND AND COLOR" before the New Age Research Group at Davenport, Iowa, reviewing Barbara Hero's Seminar on "Healing with Sound and Color. (A few days before I was to leave for this weekend seminar, I was told that only two people had signed up for it, a farmer and a chiropractor. I decided to go anyway and found when I arrived that 15 people attended. I learned that one of the chiropractors that was present gave a talk on my talk a few months later, and that cassette was sent to me.)

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Music, Math and Color
Paintings Based on the Relative Pitch in Music

Illustration of CassetteSide 1: Barbara Hero's lecture "Music, Math and Color", given at Boston College in Professor Daniel Baer's psychology class on "Topics in Consciousness". Professor Baer invited me to give a talk, most likely because I had mentioned at our first meeting, that I believed that the Great Pyramid was built by the use of sound. Side 2: Barbara Hero's lecture "Paintings Based on the Relative Pitch in Music given at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Professor Robert Morgan's class on "History of Design".Robert Morgan and I were part of the Boston Visual Artist's Union, when he was teaching at the Massachusetts College of Art. Later he invited me to give a talk as "visiting artist" at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Then Robert invited me to participate in a books by artists exhibit in the Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas, where my book "Eyes + Ears = Ideas" was purchased by the Museum from that show.

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Planetary Grid System

Illustration of CassetteSide 1: Barbara Hero's lecture was recorded at a workshop given at the 1985 Coptic Convention in Albion, Michigan. A Lambdoma matrix was played as the background music with a fundamental frequency of 355 cps which was her translation of the diameter of the earth into a musical interval raised to an audible octave. Barbara¹s talk deals with the material which became the article "International Harmony Based on a Music of the Planetary Grid System." (Item A1) Side 2: Joseph Jochmans speaks of the energy patterns of the earth, and relates them to evolving geometric solids which eventually become the future grid system of our planet. He mentions how different angles have different frequencies, and asks "What is the new song of New Jerusalem, what is the new harmonic?"

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A Talk with an "Unmentionable and Useless Worm"
(A title of modesty).

Illustration of CassetteJoin Barbara Hero, Beverly Light, Donald Beaman and Dan Baer at the cloistered St. Maccarius Coptic Monastery, Wadi Natrun, Egypt where they talk with a monk who, when asked his name, identifies himself as an "Unmentionable and Useless Worm... a Terrible Sinner" maintaining his vows of humility. Listen in on this jovial conversation as this "Keeper of the Flame" talks about, among other things, how... ... the Coptic church is the oldest Christian Church in the world having been founded in 68 A.D. at Alexandria by St. Mark. ... St. Anthony the Great, after 20 years without seeing another human being, became the father of the first Christian Mystic Community. ... the relics (bones) of John the Baptist and the Russian Prophets came from Jerusalem to Alexandria, Egypt. ... St. Antonasius¹ body was brought in 1969 from Rome to the Coptic Cathedral in Cairo, Egypt . ... St. Paul at the age of 16 years became a hermit living in the Eastern desert, at the Red Sea, remaining there until his death at the age of 116 years. A total of 90 years without seeing another human being... and many other interesting topics!

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