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Photo of Barbara HeroThe writing of my books began in the 1970's after deciding to describe in words the Lambdoma art in my book entitled "Eyes + Ears = Ideas". Later the book "Lambdoma Unveiled" was written based upon some of my lectures on the Lambdoma matrix that were given from the 1970's to the 1990's. My other books were written to explain other facets of the Lambdoma wisdom, such as the "Resonant Harmonic Scale P, Q, R, S, T, U, V &W", and "Music Graphs". The book entitled "The Glass Bead and Knot Theory of Relationships" was created as a manual for me to take to lectures in order to look up frequency, note, and color correspondences between planets, star systems, organs, elements and etc. Requests were made from audiences for copies of overheads so these have also been added to the second edition of "The Glass Bead and Knot Theory of Relationships". The book "The Subconscious Speaks" was channeled by my father and his sister back in the 1930's. I illustrated each of its pages with Lambdoma drawings which seemed appropriate to the subject.

(Item B1)

Eyes + Ears = Ideas

Illustration of Book Cover "Eyes + Ears = Ideas" was originally conceived and published in the 1970's after a decade of researching the link between art and music. The four sections of the book are titled: "Glimpses of the Bridges of Art" "Start, Stop and Think" "The other Side of Art" "Theories and Queries" The drawings from the section "Start, Stop and Think" were shown at Barbara Hero's solo exhibition at the Max Protetch Gallery in Washington, D.C. and these drawings were played on the flute by Adam Hubble (Item AT13) The sections "The Other Side of Art" and "Start, Stop and Think" were also developed into musical compositions by Barbara Hero and played and recorded in Robert Ceely's BEEP studio in Massachusetts. (Item AT9) Two hard backed copies were made of the manuscript and one was exhibited at Franklin Furnace, in New York City, and later at an Artists and Books show at the Ulrich Museum of Art at the Wichita State University in Kansas, and subsequently purchased for their library collection. The other copy was most recently on exhibition at an art show curated by Art Historian Renee Arb at the Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College. "Eyes + Ears = Ideas" has been completely revised, reformatted, and a heretofore unpublished narrative has been updated and professionally typeset with the black and white illustrations scanned from the original canvases, where available, or from microfilm documents. The author has provided an artistic rendering of mathematical relationships between form and substance, sound and color. This entertaining look at the forces of the universe, their relationship to each other and mankind is required reading/viewing for all. This book brings you an exploration of possibility, probability and repetitive observations as seen by a musician applying mathematics to art.

Item B1 (8.5" by 14" Spiral bound. 213 pages. 163 black & white illustrations) PRICE: US$55

(Item B2)

Lambdoma Unveiled (The Theory of Relationships) Second Edition. Presentations, papers and letters.

Illustration of Book Cover

Some of the subjects that are included in the first chapter "Music of the Grand Gallery" are: An ancient musical scale; Mystical experience in the Grand Gallery; Impact of harmonics of the Grand Gallery on levels of consciousness; Relationships between Earth's circumference and Grand Gallery dimensions; Alpha state and length of the Grand Gallery; Method of octave reduction; Translating dimensions into musical frequencies; Translating between planetary periods of rotation and musical frequencies by multiplication and inversion; The royal cubit becomes a module from the slant angle dimensions of the ramp height as a musical "E"; Time and Space; Galactic cycles; Questions and Answers. There are 10 additional chapters: "Awakening Consciousness Through Generating Patterns of Harmonic sound"; "A Letter to a Twelve Year Old" (An explanation of the Lambdoma in terms a 12 year old can understand); "Relationship between Consciousness, Sound, Music and Art"; "Teaching Mathematics by a Correlation of the Structures of Art and Sound"; "Abinatio" (a presentation given in a three day workshop); "Discovering your own keynote and attuning the Chakras with sound"; "Drug free art" (Drug rehabilitation therapeutic aspects of the Lambdoma speculating on why the sounds unlock emotional responses including reactions to the sounds made in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt); "Healing with sound"; "The Iamblichus Array as a Transformation of Mapping from Ratios onto Musical Intervals" (Origin of the Lambdoma) and "101 Ways to Use the Secrets of the Lambdoma".

Item B2 (5.5" by 8.5" Spiral Bound 213 pages, 11 Chapters, 34 Illustrations and 36 Charts/Tables. ) PRICE: US$25

(Item B3)

The Glass Bead and Knot Theory of Relationships

Illustration of Book Cover

This small book was stimulated by a reading of Hermann Hess' "Magister Ludi, the Glass Bead Game", and was compiled as a brief guide to those who wish to apply the relationships between dimension (wavelength) and the harmonic intervals (frequencies) of music. The cover illustration depicts an ordering of harmonic relationships which lead to an example of a simple construction of a Lambdoma necklace. Another application of Lambdoma theory is in weaving, and yet another is in musical time signatures related to the ratios of musical keynotes which might help musical compositions become even more harmonious. (Item AT4 side 2). Charts, showing translations of Time in seconds, minutes, hours, days years and light-years, into musical frequencies, as well as Dimensions in inches, feet, meters and miles, might help others find their own correspondence to our particular universe.

Item B3 (8.5" by 11 " Spiral Bound 18 pages, 4 Illustrations and 15 Charts/Tables. ) PRICE: US$15

(Item B4)

The Sub-conscious speaks; with Lambdomas

Illustration of Book Cover"Contacting the Sub-Conscious, or Subjective mind, without loss of conscious identity has long been sought. This feat here has unquestionably been accomplished. The contents of the book proper belong entirely to the author's Subjective mind. Yet at no time was there a loss of conscious control and direction, nor was the author at any time in any other than a perfectly normal condition". Chapter titles include: Mind; Effect of Mental Attitudes of the Conscious Mind upon the Sub-Conscious; Fear; Health; Confidence in Self - Faith in God; Using Conscious Thought in a Definitely Creative Manner; and Success - Failure.

Item B4 (8.5" by 11" Spiral Bound, 7 Chapters. 88 pages with 43 Black and White Lambdoma Illustrations.) PRICE: US$25

(Item B5)

The Lambdoma, Resonant, Harmonic Scale
(P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W)

Illustration of Book Cover

In this book, Barbara Hero describes why the differences between the resonant Lambdoma harmonic scales P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W and the tempered scales lead to new/old ways of realizing the powerful impact of the Lambdoma scale to unlock positive emotions. The sections include: The resonant Harmonic Scale; Visible Harmony; Forming Matter; Manifesting; Increasing the Quality of Our Lives by: Survival, Love and Belonging, Power, Freedom, and Fun. The conditions for quality in our lives become: Building trust and revealing ourselves and our values; Speaking and listening; Reading; Writing; Numbers; Life skills and Sharing self evaluation and how this can happen through following the laws of the Lambdoma

Item B5 (5.5" by 8.5" Spiral Bound 146 pages with pull out chart.) PRICE: US$25

(Item B6)

Music Graphs

Illustration of Book CoverBarbara Hero draws upon her insight and wisdom in both art and mathematics to apply visual symbolism to relate the qualities of the Pythagorean numbers 1 - 10 to her 16 Lambdoma Laws of Harmony. Each page has a visual "Music Graph" as one of the ways of interpreting the symbolism of number. "The Theology of Arithmetic" by the neo-Pythagorean Iamblichus is one of the references for this work. (Iamblichus brought forth the Lambdoma again in 200 AD).

Item B6 (8.5" by 11" Spiral Bound 42 pages. 18 Charts/Tables and 18 Black and White Illustrations.) PRICE: US$15

(Item H1)

Construction Manual for Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard

This handbook contains the Operators's Manual, computer programs in text and on floppy disks, wiring diagrams, drawings of suggested physical parts and complete parts list with parts sources.

Item H1 (8.5" by 11" Spiral Bound 29 pages.) This manual contains: History, Description, Flow Charts, Key Action Encoding, Basic Stamp, Computer Source Program, Fabrication Hints, Key Numbering, Stamp "Prototype Area" wiring, Circuit Board Wiring, Serial Cable Wiring, Key Top Drawing, Keyboard Frame Drawing, Top Panels Drawing, Bottom Panel Drawing, Parts List, Amiga Computer Program, Circuit Board Mounting. Included Separately, is a User's Manual for the AS-600Hd, Amiga Computer Program Disk "LHK-AV2" (Amiga 3.5"DD) and Basic Stamp Program Disk "LHK-CV2" (IBM, 3.5" HD.) Includes all the charts, tables and diagrams you need to construct a working Lambdoma Keyboard.) PRICE (all inclusive): US$100
NOTE: This is a manual to guide you to CONSTRUCT a Lambdoma keyboard. You may purchase the fully operational constructed keyboard for $2000.00 - these keyboards are in limited supply and will be shipping in 2003.

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