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Photo of Barbara HeroMost of my video tapes were recorded from conferences at the United States Psychotronics Association from the early 1980's to the present. Each lecture was on different aspects of the Lambdoma harmonics. Some of the topics included room resonances, international harmony based upon the music of planetary grid systems, the music of blood cells and nutritive elements, applications of the Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard, discovering one's keynote and attuning the chakras with sound, experiencing harmonics in art, music, mathematics and architecture, art/music therapy used in drug rehabilitation programs, as well as results from a prison art project program. In all of these presentations either slides or overheads were used, and most were supplemented by hearing the music as well as seeing their Lissajous shapes generated by the harmonic intervals, with my laser scanner device.

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The Energy of Sound
Seeing Sound
The Nature of Healing with Sound

VHS Tape ImageFirst program: The Energy of Sound by Barbara Hero. A laser scanner system illustrates the shapes of the sounds created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts Experimental Music Studio. The sounds were generated by computer at the institute and were based upon the Pythagorean (500 BC) mathematical matrix. (20 minutes VHS). Second program: Seeing Sound by Barbara Hero. A laser-scanner system illustrates the shape of harmonic and sub-harmonic sounds generated by sine-wave generators. This video was produced as part of a Master's of Mathematics Education Degree at Boston University. (20 Minutes VHS) Third program: The Nature of Healing with Sound by Barbara Hero shows the light patterns of computer generated frequencies that may inspire self healing when you are willing to let that happen. This program was presented at "The International Symposium on the Nature of Healing with sound" in 1993. It is hoped that the sight of the sounds that you experience will work within your subconscious to inspire a greater well-being in the months ahead. (20 Minutes VHS)

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