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4-Quadrant Pythagorean Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard!

Third generation Lambdoma Keyboards are now ready for delivery.
These keyboards will have a new circuit board, a MIDI output port, ports for volume and sustain pedals, as well as a light to show that the keyboard is on.

Orders are now being taken for one quadrant Lambdoma Keyboards and full four quadrant Lambdoma Keyboards. Orders will be filled between four to six weeks.

More about the keyboard

The Lambdoma Matrix is attributed to the philosopher Pythagoras (500 bc) who spent over twenty years as an Egyptian initiate. The concept of the Lambdoma Matrix in the present age is relatively unknown, and is not cited in most dictionaries. On the surface, it appears to be nothing more than a mathematical multiplication and division table. On a closer look however, it bears a one-to-one relationship to musical intervals in a very specific harmonic series. Because of its numerical framework of ratios, it can be translated into frequencies of audible sound. The Lambdoma bears relationships to aromatics, chemistry, crystallography, cybernetics, art, music, geometry, all of which may be explored by those interested in the above disciplines. The Lambdoma bears mathematical relationships to Issac Newton, the Diophantine equations and the Farey series, as well as in the present century to Georg Cantor.

Lambdoma Research Collection I

The Music of Foods, Glands, Colors, Minerals and Vitamins; The Hindu Cosmological Number; Isotope Frequencies Based upon the Lambdoma; Comparison of Frequencies on a Piano to Lambdoma Reference Octaves; The Musical Revolutions of Time, Frequency, Note & Color, much more.

Articles by Barbara:

On the Effects of Music; Art as Therapy; Shifts Consciousness; A Remarkable Person; Accessing our Inner Self; Belief; Manifesting our Dreams, much more.

International Harmony Based Upon a Music of Planetary Grid Systems:

The International Lambdoma Research Institute and Barbara Hero invite you to also visit the Strawberry Hill Farm Studios web site, where Lambdoma related products are available, and the International Lambdoma Research Institute's web site where continuing research is presented.

New Musical Instrument May Reveal Key to the Universe:

A brief introduction to the Lambdoma Keyboard by Dan Shaw.

Catalog A: Music & Research: Adobe Reader (.pdf), 19 pages.

Catalog B: Books: Adobe Reader (.pdf), 4 pages.

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Lambdoma Music by Dave Thomson! dwt@volantis.org

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